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Disaster Rescue

Fire, Emergency, and Disaster Dispatch

Water Rescue

For water-based rescue activities (e.g., rivers, dams, lagoons, and ocean)

Rescue Training Exercises for Competition

Lighter models designed for rescue training practice for competition


Officially recognized for use by Japan’s community fire brigades.
For use in firefighting technique competitions as well as regular activities

Training & Work

Thicker models with an emphasis on durability,
optimally suited for rescue technique competition training and everyday use More information

Rope Descent

Designed for Air Force fast-roping use

Maintenance, Inspection, and General Work

Designed for use that includes fire engine maintenance,
car wash, equipment inspection, and general use

Winter protection

For working under winter conditions


Functional socks optimally suited for use with emergency rescue footwear.
Equipped with toe protectors, perspiration wicking, and quick-dry capabilities

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