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Our Strengths

Industry Leader in Variety of Leather Work Gloves.

At Fuji Glove, we place great importance on the global environment, on the legacy built by our founders, and above all, on client communication.

We believe in “Cooperation and Teamwork,” which we liken to using a variety of colors (viewpoints) to paint a single beautiful piece of artwork.

This is the spirit of Fuji Glove, where we hope to continue to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Fully Integrated System from Planning and Development through Production

One of Fuji Glove’s unique strengths is the systems integration, which allows us to cover all processes in-house, from product planning and development to production.
This streamlined system does not waste anything, contributing to cost savings and ensuring our ability to respond quickly to customers’ needs in order to deliver high-quality products.
This is the strength of our uniformly coordinated internal corporation communications.

Stability of Supply from Our Production Routing Protocol

At Fuji Glove, to prevent major fluctuations in product price and availability amid changing economic conditions, we have established our own production routing to ensure that we maintain stable prices and supplies.

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